(03/21/24) Planned Upgrades – Possible Downtime to Webmail & Matomo

Webmail and Web Analytics Upgrades


We will be upgrading some software that is client-facing overnight on Thursday, outside of typical high-traffic times. These upgrades will are being performed to get us up to date on current software and prepares for larger upgrades we’re preparing for in the next few months. Temporary outages of the webmail and website analytics pages are expected. Outside of these two sites, no other outages are expected.


Major webmail version upgrade. Among other things, this update brings a refreshed interface and a better email experience. This won’t effect funtionality or user flow of the website. Downtime is expected while upgrading. This will ONLY effect the webmail site (https://chriswhitfield.com/mail), other mail apps and sending/receiving mail via other apps will not be effected.


Web Analytics (Matomo)

Major Matomo (our web analytics program) version upgrade. Among other things, this update brings a refreshed interface, improved security, and more reliable tracking data. This won’t effect funtionality. We expect this to cause unreported usage of overnight visitors, and the analytics site will be down during this time.


Downtime due to Upgrades

This upgrade is expected to cause temporary outages to Webmail and the Analytics/Matomo panel. Website downtime is not expected. All upgrades are being performed on Thursday between 12-4am to prevent any potential issues.


Have any questions regarding the upgrade? Please contact us.

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