(12/15/2019) Planned Upgrades – Possible Downtime

Software/Hardware Upgrades

Plesk Upgrades

Major Plesk version upgrade, version Onyx (17.8.11) to Obsidian (18.0.20). Among other things, this update brings a refreshed interface and a better email experience. This also brings improvements to the email auto-config feature. Please visit the two links below to learn more about this update.

View Plesk Obsidian Site
View Plesk Changelog

OS Upgrades

Upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04. This includes some performance, stability, and security upgrades.


Database Upgrades

Migration from MySQL 5.7.28 to MariaDB 10.4.11. This will bring substantial improvements to website speed and security.


Hardware Upgrades

Due to the major software upgrades, the updated software will be installed on a new server that is located in Chicago instead of Dallas. This new location will on average half the server response time for users in the midwest (translation: your website will load quicker).


Downtime due to Upgrades

This upgrade is expected to cause temporary outages to email and Plesk/Wordpress administration panels. Website downtime is not expected. All upgrades are being performed on Sunday between 12-4am to prevent any inconveniences.


Have any questions regarding the upgrade? Please contact us.

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